Thursday, January 31, 2008

Microwave Wheat Flour Cake

I was looking for a cake recipe with wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour for a long time. and finally, I found it a in a wonderful book "Fresh Ways with Cakes". The recipe uses not only wheat flour but also cake is "baked" entirely in the microwave. Now that was really cool. It tasted good too. My only addition was a handful of chocolate chunks since "without chocolate", cake is not cake for the little cookie monster at my home.

Oh, and talking of cookie monster, have you guys seen "Sesame Street" in Hindi? It is "Gali Gali Sim Sim". and cookie monster is "Biscoot Badshah!" and mind you, he is not biscuit but biscoot Badshah!! :-) Gudiya had lots of fun watching this video in Hindi. Have a look for a quick chuckle!
Anyways back to the cake recipe. I must admit, my first try was rather disastrous. In my infinite wisdom, I reduced the amount of butter as I thought 5 tbsp is rather too much. Well. The cake came out good. It even tasted delicious. but after some time, it became hard! Gudiya asked for it again in the evening, but she described it as "Mumma, give me that cake which later became granola bar!" :-)

So second time, I followed the recipe the way it was supposed to. Since it was made in microwave, I was eager to know if it really comes out well. The second try was successful. and the cake remained moist later.

Having said that, I also know that microwave cooking times do vary. So I sincerely hope the following cooking time works for you as well.

Chunky Monkey Cake
[Microwave Wheat Flour Cake]
Adapted from "Healthy Home Cooking/Fresh Ways with cakes"
by the editors of Time-Life books
1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 tsp baking soda
2 bananas, mashed
4 tbsp plain low-fat yogurt
1/4 cup light brown sugar
5 Tbsp unsalted butter
1 egg, beaten
2 tbsp maple syrup
2/3 cup dried dates, pitted, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup chocolate chunks
1/4 cup walnut pieces

1. Lightly grease 5 x 9 " loaf pan.
2. Mix mashed banans with yogurt, brown sugar, butter, egg, syrup. Mix well.
3. Mix flour and baking soda and add to the above mixture to make a smooth batter.
4. Add dates, walnuts and chocolate chunks
5. Pour in the greased pan.
6. Keep an inverted plate in the microwave. Place the pan on the plate.
7. Cook for 10 minutes, giving the dish a quarter turn every 3 minutes
8. Cook for another 2 minutes. Give another quarter turn.
9. Cook for another 2 minutes until the cake shrinks from the sides of the dish.
10. Let the cake stand for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack.
11. Serve cold or warm.

1. You can sprinkle some confectioners' sugar on top of the cake.

2. The picture above is the second version of cake that means the one which remained moist later too. :-)

1. Original recipe is from "Healthy Home Cooking: Fresh ways with Cakes" by The editors of Time-Life books.
2. "Chunky Monkey" name inspired from "Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice-cream"

This post is my contribution to Bindiya's "These are a few of my favorite things: Cakes/muffins".


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